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White House facts you wish you knew earlier

Breathtaking White House facts you wish you knew earlier

We all have a super curious organ in our body- our mind. We always have an urge to learn more about something which is likely to be dug out. It would be nonsense to say that we don’t have that curiosity to find out more about the White House – the presidential residence of United States of America. So, here are few weird and amazing White House facts which are not so known to everybody:-

1. Largest House in the U.S.

white house facts

White House has been the largest house in the U.S. For over 60 years. To describe how large it is, it will shock you to know that they are actually 35 options of a bathroom. It has 132 rooms, 412 doors, and 147 windows. It takes 570 gallons of paint to just cover the exterior. Isn’t that magnificent?

2. “Spooky” White House

white house facts

Of all the claims of the house being haunted, this one stayed. Winston Churchill was reluctant to stay in Lincoln bedroom as Lincoln’s ghost appeared near fireplace when the former came out of a bath.

3. The basement is a mall.

white house facts

The ground floor of the house is actually a mall. It has a chocolate shop, a flower shop, and a carpenter shop. A bowling alley was added in the basement in 1969.

4. The architect was chosen out of a contest.

white house facts

Yes, you read it right. James Hoban, an Irish-born architect won the competition in 1792. He modeled the design based on a villa called Leinster House in Dublin.

5. Even the First family don’t have anything such as free lunch.

white house facts

No, even the President and his family don’t get anything for free. At the end of each month, he gets a bill for his family for food and other expenses such as toothpaste and toiletries which is deducted from his annual salary.

6. Open for public

white house facts

It is one of many institutions resided by the head of the state which is open to visitors. It is hugely popular. Each week around 30,000 visitors, 65000 letters not forgetting 3,500 phone calls and 100,000 emails await the White House.

7. Water and electricity at White House.

white house facts

The building didn’t have running water till 1833. A plumber had once nervous breakdown because of Lyndon Johnson’s demands for high water pressure in his shower.

The White House had the electricity in 1891 during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. His family was so afraid of touching the switches that the lights were kept on the whole night. That’s weird, isn’t?

These are the interesting white house facts which only a handful people know.


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