Top Tollywood villains

Top Tollywood villains of all time

Top Tollywood villains: The roles of villains are as important as of the actors and actresses in the South film industry. Over the years, Tollywood as given us the ‘baddest’ villains of all time.

Here we present you the Top Tollywood villains who have won the hearts of the viewers:-

  • Prakash Raj

Top Tollywood villains

Prakash Raj is probably the most famous antagonist of Tollywood industry. He started in four languages – Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. He has earned fame in Bollywood too, yet he as a baddie is more famous.

  • Aashish Vidyarthi

Top Tollywood villains

Aashish Vidyarthi is a renowned actor in supporting role in Tollywood, mostly in the roles of villains. His debut movie was ‘Madhuri’ in Telugu in 2000. He has played the roles of supporting actor in other languages too.

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  • Sayaji Shinde

Top Tollywood villains

Sayaji’s debut Telugu movie was ‘Tagore’, which was the biggest blockbuster of all time. His dialogue delivery in the role of villains with a tint of comic sense is what made him so popular.

  • Rao Ramesh

Top Tollywood villains

His exceptional dialogue delivery – a mix of slangs and perfect expressions differentiate him from the other Tollywood actors. Rao has established himself as an actor in negative role in most of the blockbusters of Tollywood industry.

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  • Mukesh Rishi

Top Tollywood villains

One of the most versatile actors of Indian film industry, Mukesh Rish has earned quite a name for the roles of villains. He debuted in Telugu in 1994 with Gandeevam and in Hindi with ‘The Sword of Tipu Sultan’.

  • Pradeep Rawat

Top Tollywood villains

Popularly known as Bhikshu Yadav, a character from his movie Sye, Pradeep as emerged as a top villain of all-time in Tollywood. His memorable films include ‘Sye’, ‘Chatrapati’ and ‘Ghajini’.

  • Nassar

Top Tollywood villains

You might not remember who Nassar is but you will surely remember Bijjaladev from the superhit movie ‘Bahubali’. Yes, that’s the power of a great artist. He is one of the best actors in supporting role in Tollywood. Most famous films of Nassar are ‘Pokiri’, ‘Adhurs’ and ‘Kushi’ among many others.

  • Sonu Sood

Top Tollywood villains

Sonu Sood is quite a popular name in Indian film industry. His negative character Paspati in ‘Arundhati’ is still fresh in the minds of Tollywood fans.

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