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Swimming is one of the main five unique games to have included in each and every release of the present day Olympics since 1896. Offering the second largest number of events after Athletics, it sees countless records tumble in every competition across the male and female categories of short and long distance racing.

There may not be any hyped films or documentaries about Indian sportspersons from the swimming discipline till date. However, that does not mean that swimmers hailing from India do not have quite a few feathers in their hats to boast of. 

Here are the ‘Top 5 Indian Olympic Swimmers’ who have achieved it big in various events across the globe.

Let’s have a quick look!

  • Virdhawal Khade

Who haven’t heard his name yet?

He is one of the most promising names among the contemporary lot of Indian swimmers!

Virdhawal Khade is the first Indian to have gained a spot in the top 100 names of the FINA World Rankings 2008.

This 1991-born Kolhapur lad made the country proud by becoming the first ever Indian swimmer to compete in 3 events at the Olympic Games. He participated in the 50, 100 and 200 m Freestyle at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, setting an Indian national record in 100 m Freestyle while winning his unseeded warmth, yet neglected to fit the bill for the elimination rounds in his occasions.

‘Arjuna awardee’, Khade bagged the bronze medal in 50 m butterfly at the 2010 Asian Games. He has also won 5 medals at the 35th National Games held in Kerala of which 3 were gold.

He successfully secures the numero-uno position in our ‘Top 5 Olympics Swimmers’ list.

Virdhawal Khade indian olympic swimmer
  • Sandeep Sejwal

Another hot favourite among the current lot of swimmers in India!

Sandeep Sejwal is the first Indian to have qualified for a breaststroke event in any Olympic Games. Born in 1989, this young swimmer swam in the 100 and 200 meters breaststroke at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, however neglected to achieve the finals in both events.

 Sejwal too has been given the coveted Arjuna Award. Sejwal bagged the bronze medal in 2014 Asian amusements in 50m bosom stroke.


·        Sajan Prakash

Don’t you guys think that this hard-core athlete also need to be counted in our ‘Top 5 Olympic Swimmers’ countdown?

Sajan Prakash who hails from Idukki District of Kerala, made history on 8 February 2015 by winning 6 gold and 3 Silver awards and turned into the best competitor of the Indian National Games, held at Trivandrum, Kerala.

He contended in the men’s Freestyle, butterfly and hand-off occasions at the 2015 National Games in Kerala.

He also represented India at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in 200 Meter butterfly.


·        Shikha Tandon

India has a tremendous pool of talent’ and Shikha Tandon has proved it time and again!

This champion swimmer from Bangalore went on to compete in the Asian Games at the age of 13, and her first World Championship at 16.

At 2004 Athens Olympics, Tandon competed in both the 50m and 100m freestyle, the first Indian Swimmer to qualify for two separate events in an Olympic competition.

In total she has bagged 146 national awards, and 36 decorations in worldwide rivalries, including five gold medals.

Then how can we skip this lady when it’s all about ‘Top 5 Olympic Swimmers of India’? Isn’t it?


·        Rehan Poncha

Rehan Poncha, an Olympian swimmer and Arjun awardee, is an inspiration for all swimmers and aspiring swimmers across India.

He started his own swim clinics focused at competitive swimmers who want to take their sport to the next level.

He began swimming at a tender age of 7 and went on to receive many accolades at national and international levels.

The way he embarked on a journey to success from rigorous training, workout, getting the strokes perfect to healthy diet plan, etc., will leave you awestricken!

Rehan is a five-time national champion Indian swimmer, who represented considerable authority in backstroke, butterfly, and individual variety occasions. He is likewise the beneficiary of the Eklavya Award from the Karnataka Olympic Association. He is a 6-time record holder in the butterfly (both 100 and 200 m).

He definitely had to make it to our ‘Top 5 Olympic Swimmers’ chart.



Here, we end up the list of the ‘Top Olympic Swimmers of India’. Hope you enjoyed up reading this article. We’ll be back soon with tons of more articles based upon your interest. Stay Tuned.


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