Top Hollywood villains

Top hollywood villains you love but fear too

Everyone has a favorite villain – whether he/she agrees or not. A movie is never complete without a person to root against. Every movie is successful because of its colorful evil villains. It won’t be surprising that a villain gets more love than the hero. And these top Hollywood villains put the best example to it.

Top Hollywood villains :

  • The Joker (The Dark Knight) – Heath Ledger

Top Hollywood villains

An ultimate anarchist, The Joker definitely deserves the top position. Sometimes he makes the skin crawl, sometimes he seems pitiful. Late Heath Ledger did an excellent job portraying the role of The Joker which is still afresh in our minds.

  • Darth Vader (Star Wars) – James Earl Jones

Top Hollywood villains

Anakin Skywalker was adorable before he turned into the most evil one in the Force. The way he turned into Lord Vader will make you empathize with him, but the meanest things he does will make you hate him. His salvation at the end is sweet yet what he did earlier is hard to forget.

  • Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) – Anthony Hopkins

Top Hollywood villains

As far as cannibalistic serial killers are concerned, Hopkins’ Hannibal tops the list. He may not be the top villain, but he is neither less than any other villains. One of his most villainous lines is “I do wish we could chat longer, but… I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

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  • Lord Voldemort (Harry Porter) – Ralph Fiennes

Top Hollywood villains

He Who Should Not Be Named or Dark Lord or simply say Snake Face man really stands out in the list of the baddies. Ralph Fiennes has played an evil man before as a Nazi Colonel in the famous ‘Schindler’s List’. However, Lord Voldemort will remain with us forever.

  • Jack Torrance (The Shining) – Jack Nicholsan

Top Hollywood villains

No horror movie is complete if there is not a dark shade character. In ‘The Shining’, Jack Torrance fulfills the criteria. The complete transformation of Jack from protagonist to antagonist is enough to horrify anyone. The story revolves around how Jack after checking in a hotel haunted by ones died in it changes into a beast and even tries to kill his own son Danny.

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