Top Bollywood actors

Top Bollywood actors with more than one talent

Top Bollywood actors: If you thought Bollywood was all about acting, you‘re wrong! As we say, there is no limit to talent; these versatile actors are more than just emoting in front of the camera. From mastering in the field of sports, music, dance to other artistic fields, it conveys that they are insanely gifted. This list of stars and their hidden talents will make you love them even more. 

Top Bollywood actors with more than one talent are:-

  • Ayushmann Khurrana: Actor, singer, lyricist, guitar player, percussionist, poet.

Top Bollywood actors

Our Top Bollywood actors list Start with Ayushmann Khurrana. He started out as a television anchor and a VJ, Ayushmann slowly paved his way to Bollywood stardom and is one of the most multifaceted talents we have in B-town today. Apart from being a classy actor, he is also a virtuoso in the field of singing and has won the Filmfare and Star Guild Awards for best singer for “Paani Da Rang”.

Now, this is not all. Very few of us know that he also loves to pen down poems and couplets and the actor oftentimes shares his work on the shades of life on his social media handles and they’re something we definitely relate to and instantly fall in love with.

  • Akshay Kumar: Actor, sensei, cook, photographer.

Top Bollywood actors

Bollywood’s Khiladi No. 1 is one of the fittest actors around who not only have a fit body but also a fit mind. Before he entered Bollywood, he was an eminent chef. Not only that, Akshay has a keen interest in ‘Tai Chi’, which is a healing martial art. In 2009, Kumar was awarded the highest Japanese honor of ‘Katana’ and a sixth-degree black belt in Kuyukai karate.

Apart from winning incalculable awards for his acting in more than 100 movies, Akshay has recently taken fancy in photography and is seemingly good at it. 

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  • Farhan Akhtar: Actor, director, playback singer, lyricist.

Top Bollywood actors

One of the most versatile personas in Bollywood industry, Farhan Akhtar is not someone you can just brush off. He is what the adage so aptly refers-“the Jack of all trades”. He did his directorial debut in the film ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ and won the hearts of many and received critical acclaim in the process.

Many were equally floored by the fact that besides being a filmmaker, he is a producer, screenwriter and has also displayed his proficiency as a playback singer for his own songs. He is a social–activist too and stood strong on the abominations committed against women.          

  • Deepika Padukone: Actress, national level badminton player, writer.

Top Bollywood actors

“The dimple beauty”- Deepika Padukone followed her dad’s footsteps and was a national level badminton player until she left to chase modeling and acting. Though she has accomplished stardom in Bollywood, she still can kick some ass at the game.

Besides, she is also a poet and recently took to Instagram to share her first brush of poetry written on her life perspective, when she was a teenager and this seemed quite impressive.                      

  • Milind Soman: Actor, model, professional swimmer, marathon runner, corporate speaker, social-activist.

Top Bollywood actors

This Indian supermodel is an ‘ageless wonder’. He has not only enacted in films and TV but also produced them. And besides, he is also a fervent and dedicated sportsperson which makes him all the more charming. He held the ‘Indian National Swimming Championship’ title for 4 years before he became a part of the glamour world. He also completed the ‘Ironman Challenge’ as he turned 50.

This ‘Ultraman’ is a charismatic, inspirational corporate speaker and also the co-founder of “Pinkathon”- India’s biggest women’s run.

Tell us in the comment section below what do you think of these top Bollywood actors talent?   

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