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Two Telangana farmers Kiki Challenge won hearts with a ‘desi’ twist

Telangana farmers Kiki Challenge: The internet has been going gaga over the latest vogue called “the Kiki Challenge” or the “In My Feelings” challenge. Ever since the popular singer-rapper Drake dropped the new track called “My Feelings”. This newest trend on social media involves jumping out of a slow-moving car and dancing alongside the ‘Kiki Challenge’ also known as ‘doing the Shiggy’.

The internet, it appears, has finally crowned the winner of the dangerous ‘Kiki challenge’. No, it’s not an actor, celebrity or any dancing legend but two farmers from Telangana. They danced their way to victory with their safe and eco-friendly no-car performance.

Origin of Telangana farmers Kiki Challenge Video

Telangana farmers Kiki Challenge

The video was conceptualized and uploaded by filmmaker Sriram Srikanth on his YouTube channel. His youtube channel “My Village Show”, which showcases culture, development activities, festivals, awareness programs etc. of his village in Telangana.

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So when 27-year-old Srikanth filmed his farmer friends during the challenge sans a running automobile and with a pair of oxen instead – the internet responded with pure enjoyment. The stars of the video, Anil Geela (24), and Pilli Tirupati (28) accepted the challenge without choreography and let the lyrics guide their dancing.                        

Their performance was shot on a rice-field in the village of Lambadipally, state of Telangana. Where they have been living for most of their lives. Geela and his elder brother Pilli’s freestyle groove and swirl while knee deep in mud, plowing the field with a pair of bullocks isn’t something we usually click on. But their simplicity, innocence, and rustic charm clubbed with the peppy beats of rapper Drake’s hit song “in My Feelings” attracted the netizens in multitude.                                            

After watching several Kiki videos which were risky to attempt, the challenge intrigued Srikanth to shoot a safe yet fun and desi version. After he discussed the whole idea with the duo from the village, they loved it and soon started practicing. Dancing in the slush was not an easy task which made them slip and fall easily. So they planned it and attempted a few more times, before shooting that video in one take. But when they shot it with a pair of bullocks in the field, while the bullocks dragged the plow, the best moments came from their impromptu moves.      

This Kiki video also made global waves as South African comedian Trevor Noah reposted it on Instagram. He captioned it with “I think they just won the Kiki challenge”.

Srikanth’s main motive was to bring the Indian rural landscape into social media and pop culture. And since the video has gone viral. It has raked hundreds of thousands of views. With many praising the farmers simple, unique yet authentic and non-dangerous take on the viral trend.

Here’ the video of them:-

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