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Colours you should add to your summer wardrobe this year

Summer is here. And despite all the heat and humid climate, everyone needs to look hot and funky. Yet there is one problem. That is selecting the appropriate colors to fill in your summer wardrobe. So, here is the full report on how to impress the fashion police with your fashionable choice of colors this summer.

Colors that are must for Summer Wardrobe:-

  • Dusk Blue

summer wardrobe

Dusk blue is the newest pastel of this summer. Works best with silhouettes, however, you can go for stripes and prints in tees paired with shorts. For a surprising result, pair it with nectarine.

  • Greyed jade

summer wardrobe

A hushed green with grey tone brings out an unexpected result – greyed jade. An over-the-knee dress in greyed jade can work best from the desk to dinner date. It is a must to add dresses of this color to your wardrobe.

  • Monaco Blue

summer wardrobe

Pantone’s top color for spring 2013, Monaco blue works for every skin tone. It is indeed a shade of blue but like duller navy and cobalt blue. For the best look, pair it with emerald.

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  • Nectarine

summer wardrobe

You must be thinking how could you wear such a bright color on a bright and sunny day. Yes, it is bright. But it still has a softness to it. This color will bring a new tangy flavor to your wardrobe. For best results, look for nectarine colored lacy blouses and pair it with dusk blue to bring out an unexpected yet superb mix.

  • Tender Shoots

summer wardrobe

Like a new twig in the spring, this vibrant yellow-green color will bring freshness to your summer wardrobe. Best results will come when you will pair a cropped jacket in this shade with different silhouettes – a palazzo pant or a chiffon dress for examples.

  • Millenial Pink

summer wardrobe

Oh, pink? This one is for the girls only then. No. Boys can also wear different shades of pink too. And yes, we are not talking about the bubblegum pink. It is more of peach, rose, blush, and salmon. Washed-out pink is the best color to add to your wardrobe this summer.

  • African violet

summer wardrobe

A floral statement color will bring charm and freshness to your looks this summer. This color is not all vibrant. It will look best paired with exuberant poppy red.

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