Stephen William Hawking
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Stephen William Hawking: Death of the visionary scientist shocks scientific world

One of the most influential scientists and physicists of the world, Stephen William Hawking has died today. He was of 76 years old. The scientist’s death is a great loss for not only science but also the whole world.

The brave-heart physicist had been struggling a battle with motor neuron disease for so long. He took his last breath peacefully at his home in Cambridge, as stated by his family.

Stephen William Hawking(8th January 1942-14th March 2018)

Stephen William Hawking

Stephen William Hawking was one of the most influential physicists, who had made an un-erasable imprint in the world of science. He had defined a theory of cosmology combining quantum mechanics and theory of relativity. He had predicted in theory that black holes emit radiation, which is also known as Hawking radiation.

Stephen Hawking’s achievements

Stephen William Hawking

Stephen Hawking was awarded numerous times throughout his life. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009, which is America’s highest award for the civilian. Among a series of several more achievements, the list includes Copley Medal in 2006, Wolf Prize in Physics in 1988 and Russian Special Fundamental Physics Prize in 2013. He made a place in 100 Greatest Britons, in 2002 by BBC after a UK-wide vote.

Stephen William Hawking in movies

Stephen William Hawking

A perfect movie to know about Stephen Hawking is The Theory Of Everything. Hawking was not just an intellect, but also a man filled with humor. He was an atheist and a person who never had despair. He appeared in Star Trek and The Simpsons which further cemented his popularity.

Stephen William Hawking’s health

Stephen William Hawking

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) — Lou Gehrig’s disease at a minor age of 21. Even though he was full of positivity which was a reason that he survived decades longer than predicted. Unfortunately, his muscles stopped supporting him by the end. He had been communicating only via a tailored technology and was bound to the wheelchair.

He is survived by his children Lucy, Robert and Tim Hawking.

May his soul rest in peace.

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