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Group video call is the newest addition to the snapchat new feature list

While the world is roaring with #deletefacebook amidst the data leak news, Snapchat has used this as a strategy. Snapchat has just rolled out a new feature- group video call. Although the Snapchat new feature is not all new, yet it will manage to attract eyes while they linger away from Facebook. Snapchat has been dealing with crisis and fall of shares in the market. Introduction of this new feature might help Snapchat to top the list of the social media platforms.

Overview of Snapchat new feature

snapchat new feature

Around 2016, Snapchat has introduced the facility of group chat in the application.After two years, it has enhanced how we communicate with our family and buddies at the same time. In this group video call, you can talk to 15 of your friends at the same time. All you need to do is click the video call option in the group chat. Every contact who is online will get the notification and join the call. The users can toggle between video to a voice call and vice-versa.

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Apart from the group video call, Snapchat is allowing you to be on a call with 32 of your friends at the same time. You can even tag your friends in the stories using @username. You just need to type @ before the username of those you want to tag in snaps and stories. The ones who have been tagged will receive a notification about the same.

A good news for those who are obsessed with filters is that Snapchat’s crown jewel filters are also available to be used while being on a group video chat.

Snapchat is one of the most popular applications used by the teens in different corners of the world. Till now, it was mainly used for fun features and getting connected to friends. But, with these new features, Snapchat can also be used for small formal and informal meetings and conferences.

Right now, this features has not been rolled out for iOS users. However, every user will be having access to the same in the coming future.

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