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Satish Kaushik’s Truck-to-Theatre allows to watch movies at Rs. 35

Satish Kaushik’s Truck-to-Theatre: In a country influenced by Bollywood industry, it is hard to stay away from the movies and news related to the industry. For instance, recently you may have read the news and watched the videos about Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding circulating on the internet. But this is limited to those only who have access to the internet.

In the rural areas, the people can’t even afford to watch the movies which were aimed to raise social awareness and reach to every corner of the nation. To solve the issue, our favorite actor Satish Kaushik has come up with an initiative. The idea is to convert trucks into the theatre so that the people even in the rural areas can watch the movies and the IPL matches.

Truck-to-Theatre initiative


Satish Kaushik has devoted good long years in the entertainment industry mesmerizing us with his performances. His experience has led him to know that most of the people can’t even afford to watch the movies. The industry also suffers great loss correspondingly.

To make things a bit easier, Director Satish Kaushik has launched Mobile Digital Moving Theatre. Backed by entrepreneur Sushil Chaudhary, the founder of Picture time. It is aimed to reach the people in those places where cinemas fail to reach.

These theatres are refurbished trucks having a seating capacity of 150 persons. Inaugurated by Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the mobile theatres will move from village to village. All that is to be done to enjoy the movie is to send just Rs 35 to Rs 75.

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Inside the Truck Theatre


The truck theatres have a seating capacity of around 150 persons. The theatres are air-conditioned, weather-proof and fire-proof. Every truck is named after popular Bollywood movies – Mr. India, Bahubali, Don, and Shahanshah.

These trucks will not let people watch the latest releases but also the regional movies and the dramas which got lesser screening but had good theatrics. Overall, this initiative will also introduce the rural people through movies like Padman and Dangal which were aimed at social cause and awareness.

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