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PUBG Vs Fortnite – Which one to play?

PUBG Vs Fortnite: With over 5 million concurrent players at any one time between the two, Player Unknown’s Battleground and Fortnite Battle Royale aren’t just wildly successful games: they are a full-blown phenomenon. Towards the end of 2017, it was abundantly clear that ‘battle royale’ was the game genre of the moment.

PUBG was the first of the two games to be released, and it took the PC gaming and streaming worlds by storm. Of course, any fan of ‘battle royale’ games knows that you don’t get to be alone for long, and PUBG’s competition soon came along in the form of Epic Games’ Fortnite. With similar gameplay, it’s proven to be tough competition, and in a month alone it’s increased it’s play base by an incredible 10 million.

On the surface, Fortnite and PUBG share many similarities but they have a significant difference in content and style which make them feel notably different to play. To help you decide which game is best for you right now, we’ve compared the different offerings of Fortnite and PUBG below.


PUBG Vs Fortnite

Though they have similar mechanics, but when it comes to visuals they’re very distinct.

PUBG is all about gritty, raw, environmental realism while Fortnite embraces a bubblegum-bright, cartoonish style, with outlandish outfits and weapons. It’s really down to you which kind of world you prefer to play in.                             


PUBG Vs Fortnite

PUBG’s maps are larger than Fortnite’s and are designed to be more treacherous. But being so large, vehicles are required for transversal in PUBG, particularly if you’re unlucky enough to land from the safe zone.

Fortnite’s smaller maps mean you have less space to play but it’s much easier to transverse and matches tend to be much shorter. It’s worth noting that Fortnite has added 5 new locations to its map ranging from underground mines to built-up cityscapes which force players to take different approaches to combat.

A big plus in PUBG’s favor is that it offers 2 dramatically different maps – ‘Erangel’ and ‘Miramar’. And the variety to keep things interesting and fresh and forces players to stay on their toes.           

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PUBG Vs Fortnite

Generally speaking, the goals of each game are the same: drop-in, loot, kill your enemies and stay within boundaries that shrink as time passes. Gameplay, though, is significantly different.

PUBG boasts realistic gun handling and you have to account for things like reloading speed and bullet drop. This makes the fight difficult and combat tense, and controls to raise the stakes for the player, creating an adrenaline rush that makes each round more exhilarating than the last, and also more rewarding when you win an engagement. You have to plan your moves carefully, and the game rewards patience.

In Fortnite, the style is much looser. Hit-points will fly out of player’s heads as you pummel them with a mini-gun. In short, the weapons are a lot more forgiving and easier to grasp than in PUBG.

Late Game

The key part of any Battle Royale is the late game and this where PUBG and Fortnite differ the most.

Fortnite introduced a building system, so you quickly scoot up difficult terrain using stairs and ramps. The late game encourages players to build towers that overlook rapidly shrinking maps. Then you simply pick-off your opponents who didn’t plan ahead by collecting building materials as well as weapons.

PUBG can be a little frustrating. It usually ends with players slowly crawling through fields or holding themselves up in one location, waiting for someone else to slip up and reveal themselves. While it’s nail-biting, it can deflate some of the early game excitement.

Update Frequency

Both games are well-maintained and updated. While Fortnite has been rolling out changes and adding features pretty consistently, PUBG has been far slower recently.


PUBG takes a loot crate approach, allowing players to purchase crates containing random cosmetic items which vary in their rarity. You can buy these crates using either in-game money earned through play. While some crates can be brought only with real money to unlock other keys.

‘Epic’ chose to make Fortnite completely free. You can purchase outfits and weapon skins from their store, but there’s no pay-to-win advantage to buying an item.

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PUBG Vs Fortnite: Which One to Play?

PUBG Vs Fortnite

Both PUBG and Fortnite are the leading lights in the newly vitalized Battle Royale genre. However, both will appeal to a slightly different kind of player.

“Execution” is the key. If you like the idea of a more arcade shooter with a challenging but oh-so-satisfying base-building component that’s easy to learn but hard to master then Fortnite is your cup of tea. But if you’re a fan of heart-pounding tension, steep learning curves and tend towards shooters that are slow and tense, then PUBG is the way to go.

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