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Nazar Battu one of the Ambassador of YouTube Delhi

Nazar Battu

Nazar Battu is a YouTube production name founded in December 2015 by its founder Ameen Khan and Harsh Vardhan. Their first video gets viral which released in January 2015. Their video usually has two characters which are played by Shubham and Rajesh. Nazar Battu’s productions are among the three Ambassador of YouTube Delhi. In 2016 December Nazar Battu productions have around 50 videos, more than 2,22,000 subscribe and over 18 million views on their channel.

Nazar Battu productions feature a character with a name such as ‘Satbeer’ and ‘Dalveer’ this character is played by ‘Shubham’ and ‘Rajesh’.

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Rajesh was born on Feb 22nd, 1992 in Delhi. He was also known as Dalveer in his youtube videos. He completes his schooling in 2009 and got admission in Dyal Singh College to pursue B.Sc. In 2013 he got admission in Jamia Millia Islamia University. He also joined same weekend theater group Khanabadosh. Later also joined Nazar Battu productions and is still a member of their Team.

Their first video who make Shubham and Rajesh or ‘Satbeer’ and ‘Dalveer’ famous among people. The way they present their dialogue is the USP of their video.


Shubham was born on March 27, 1995, in Delhi. He is also known as Satbeer in his youtube videos. Shubham completes his schooling in 2012 and enrolled for Charted Accountant (CA) from ICAI and B.Com from SOL Delhi University. While doing B.Com he joined a weekend theatre group named “Khanabadosh” and was a member of this group until early 2015. Later Shubham joined Narar Battu team.

In August 2017, Shubham left Nazar Battu to start his own youtube channel ‘Sadak Chaap’. Though the reason behind the separation is unknown to many. But we hope that one day we will get to see them together again.

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