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National Samosa Week: Time to gobble samosas in UK

Are you a junkie? Oh, but you live in the UK. No worries, it is one of the most wonderful times of your life knocking at your door. Six cities of UK have geared up for the National Samosa week next month.

Here is all you need to know about this special event.

National Samosa Week

National Samosa Week

National Samosa Week is going to be organized in six cities of UK from April 9 to April 13. This concept is a brain-child of a Leicester- based personality, Romail Gulzar. He believes that this triangular delicious snack can be a medium to make different communities of the country together. The six cities which have geared up for the event include Birmingham, Coventry, Nottinghamshire, Manchester, and Radlett.

Samosa is tea-time snack of Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It has got immense popularity as a triangular-shaped savory snack in different continents. Even the foreign restaurants serve samosas in their menu and are favored by many.

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What will happen in samosa week?

National Samosa Week

The event of National samosa week will be a series of different exciting activities like samosa-eating contests, pop-up samosa shops, and tastiest samosa awards. Here the participants have the opportunity of making, selling and eating samosas. All the money earned will be used for a good cause for charity purpose. The participants will have to make samosas and sell them at their workplaces or school to raise funds for a noble cause.

The Event earning’s will be dedicated to two charities- mental health charity(LAMP) and Care of Police Survivors(COPS). This will be aiming to help the families of those brave-hearted police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Who is Romail Gulzar?

National Samosa Week

Born in Pakistan, Romail Gulzar is a Leicester-based journalist. He moved to the UK from Dubai. He is the currently the Managing Editor of Pukaar News UK. An independent agency based in Leicester. Romail organized the Leicester Curry Awards in 2016 in an honor of different curry-selling places which have their origins in the Indian subcontinent.

He is all set to introduce the UK to the flavor of samosas planning to make this an annual event.

This year too, Leicester awards will be held in Leicester on April 22.  And the winners of National Samosa week will have a chance to win an entry to the event.

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