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Mohammed Shami – Indian Cricketer accused of adultery

On 7th of March this year, India woke up to shocking accusations of extra-marital affairs on Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami. His wife, Hasin Jahan has accused the Indian pacer of having illicit affairs. To prove her point, she made public a series of posts which contained screenshots of dirty chats of Shami with not just one but multiple women.

Hasin Jahan is a former model and cheerleader for KKR IPL team. She and Mohammed Shami met during an IPL match in Kolkata in 2011. A year later, the duo got married. The couple has a 4-year old daughter. Reportedly, she wanted to make a career in the film industry but left the modeling after her marriage as her father-in-law was not okay with her profession.

Accusations on Mohammed Shami

mohammed shami

After the Hasin posted the screenshots of the conversations of Shami and other women. Her Facebook account is found to be deactivated. She has accused Shami of infidelity and domestic violence. She claimed that Mohammed Shami has been having extra-marital affairs simultaneously. According to the cricketer’s wife, she found his phone in the BMW. After a number of attempts, she was able to unlock his phone and get the records. She has even accused the cricketer’s mother and brother of torturing her. She also stated that they even attempting to kill her.

The aftermath of the accusations

mohammed shami

However, Mohammed Shami has rubbished the accusations and news. He blamed it on cybersecurity which may have led to these percussions. However, today Hasin Jahan has lodged an FIR against Shami in Kolkata, one day after she accused him of adultery and domestic abuse. Owing to the accusations, BCCI supervisors are seemed to be in difficult position. For now, the BCCI has decided to put a hold on Shami’ s name in the list of contracted players which was announced yesterday. 

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