inspiring stories of indian students

inspiring stories of indian students who overcame the barrier of poverty

inspiring stories of Indian students: Down the ages, it is not shocking to know that India is the abode of ‘intellectualism’. Not only that even Indians are in demand for their intellectuality across the globe. From the origin of the ‘Vedas’ to the everlasting revolution of ‘Google’, the scholarly zeal of our nation has registered itself in the top list. But what is more outrageous is that the success stories of the people always grab eyeballs whereas the actual struggle behind this is always underrated. From Valmiki to the scholars of the present era who belonged from a poor background have always up-heaved their candidature to its pinnacle where they execute their contribution and makes the nation flaunt its cape of pride.

Said by our very beloved late president A.P.J Abdul Kalam, “Dreams is not what you see in sleep. It is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”.

There are more inspiring stories of Indian students who have faced financial crisis but still ended up to be successful personae:

inspiring stories of indian students

Govind Jaiswal  

Following the footsteps of Abdul Kalam, Govind Jaiswal – a son of a rickshaw-puller. But a true gem of Varanasi, overcame all the misfortunes and aspiring us through his journey of becoming an IAS officer.

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Anand Kumar

Another well-known public figure is Anand Kumar; whose program “Super 30” dragged him to the limelight. Born in a financially unstable family, his journey in the interest of mathematics from a plain Hindi medium government school to the failure in admission in the Cambridge University due to his father’s death had evolved him into a savior for those impoverished students who couldn’t seek coaching for IIT-JEE. And during 2003 to 2017 – 391 students out of 450 have made it for the IITs. The reason why his “Super 30” gained popularity and justified the name is that particular year of 2010. Where all his students of his program IIT-JEE entrance which happened thrice in a row for the institution.

Suresh Ram

Many more survivors like Suresh Ram, a farmer’s son talked about his success of how he made it to IIT. Amit Sinha grew amidst the coal and mica mines’ but his creative and enthusiastic zeal made him graduate from NID and now teaches at the same institute. Nirmal Kumar, who lived in a village where electricity or hospitals were not facilitated to the villagers. But the turning scenario of becoming an IIM graduate to a successful entrepreneur with such companies as G Auto and Mr. Coco motivates us that life can be turned upside down even in those bits of discordance.

These are all inspiring stories which captivate the minds of every individual and stimulate us to work hard for success. There are more such people in every nook and corner of the country facing the same financial drawback or other crisis. But still, mold their lives of becoming great personalities who contribute time and again to the nation for its glory but go unnoticed.

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