India's first transsexual couple
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Meet Aarav and Sukanya, India’s first transsexual couple

Being a transgender in India is still a taboo. Compared to others, the transgender community does not access to the respect and love which they obviously deserve as much as others do. But this does not stop them from falling in a love. The transsexual community is now finding its roots in the society. And the marriage of Aarav and Sukanya is the living example of the same.

Aarav Appukutan and Sukanya Krishna – India’s first transsexual couple

India's first transsexual couple

Aarav was born biologically as a female and Sukanya as a male. Both met three years ago while accompanying their relatives to the hospital. Aarav, 46 saw Sukanya, 21 talking on her phone and there only felt a connection. They exchanged their numbers and there started their love story. Initially, they talked to each other but not frequently. Gradually, the talks increased and they realized they were in love.

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Aarav and Sukanya’s struggle in the society

India's first transsexual couple

Aarav did not find much difficulty in fitting in the society. Of course, he faced the taunts from his friends. Yet he ignored all of them by replying with a smile. However, Sukanya’s life was not that easy. She is now a software developer. While searching for jobs, she excelled in all tests yet couldn’t land a job as the employer felt that the clients would not be comfortable in dealing with a transgender.

When Aarav met Sukanya, she found solace in sharing her worries with him. This made her think that he was the one with whom she wants to spend rest of her life. They feel fortunate for having friends who supported them and appreciated their idea of getting married. When they met, neither of them had undergone sex reassignment surgeries. They got it done to finalize the wedding. They wanted a marriage certificate so that they could adopt a child.

While Aarav’s family is wholeheartedly supported his decision, Sukanya’s family showed mixed feelings. It is great that everyone finds love and is able to be with his partner.There is nothing more important than it. We wish India’s first transsexual couple – Aarav and Sukanya a great happy life ahead.

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