Haseena Parkar

Know ‘Queen of Mumbai’, Haseena Parkar up close

Recently, Haseena Parkar ruled not just the city of Mumbai but also the silver screen. Daughter of a havaldar in Mumbai and sister of gangster and underworld Dawood Ibrahim, Haseena is mostly known as ‘Aapa’. From a young girl to a mother of four to the Godmother of Napgada district – Aapa’s life is as interesting of her brother.

The early life of Haseena Parkar

Haseena was the daughter of a Marathi Muslim family in Ratnagiri district of Mumbai. Her father Ibrahim Kaskar was a head constable in Mumbai police. Born in a family with twelve children, the family rose to fame due to the third sibling Dawood Ibrahim who rose to the criminal world and changed Mumbai forever. Due to his antiques, he was forced to leave the country. He was considered world’s third most wanted criminal. After 1993 Mumbai blast, Haseena’s brothers fled from the country and she took the reigns of the crime world in Mumbai. On July 6, 2014, Haseena died from heart attack at the age of 55.

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How Haseena Parkar became the mafia queen?

Haseena Parkar rose to the crime world when her husband Ismail Parkar was murdered by Arun Gawli’s men in 1991. Her brother Dawood avenged the death of Ismail by killing the murderers in the famous J. J. Hospital shootout. This case is regarded as one of the most sensational murder cases of Mumbai even now.

After the incident, Haseena shifted to her den in Gordon Hills Apartment in Nagpada area. The place was not worth living, however, Haseena liked the place very much. This was the place from where she led her crime syndicate. Aapa started getting cuts in every shady business she fancied. She was contacted by the builders to help them get permission to redevelop slums under SRA schemes. Haseena even used to negotiate the overseas rights of Bollywood films to be released in Central Russia and the Gulf countries. She had 88 cases registered against her at once.

This article is a brief introduction to Haseena Parkar’s life. Her life is full of dark and interesting chapters which makes the movie ‘Haseena Parkar’ worth a watch.

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