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The flag bearer of womanhood- Deepika Singh Rajawat

The flag bearer of womanhood – Deepika Singh Rajawat

“When I wear robes, I have no religion”, the very line not only gives goosebumps but also restores our faith in humanity, was decoded by one of the truth fighters- Deepika Singh Rajawat. Apart from being the chairperson of “Voice of Rights”- an NGO working for human rights’ she is also an advocate at Jammu and Kashmir High Court and even works for “CRY”- a Delhi based NGO for protection of child rights. She came into the limelight while handling the Kathua Rape Case in Kashmir. Deepika Singh Rajawat was honored with the ‘Charkha’ fellowship and ‘Ladli’ award for her contribution in the field of Juvenile Justice.

                 Asifa Banao Case                                         

Deepika was the first person to file a writ petition on behalf of an 8-year-old girl Asifa Banao, who was abducted,  brutally gang-raped and then murdered in Kathua district in January 2018.

According to the reports that raged across the nation, Deepika was being threatened by the members of the Jammu Bar Association for bringing to light the case on behalf of Asifa’s family. Sensing the danger she walked straightway to the Chief Justice of the High Court to file a complaint and request for security. Following her complaint, the Chief Justice assured her safety in the high court.

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Deepika Singh Rajawat

These are not just one-off incidents. What shook Deepika the most was the attempt of a section of the media who painted her as a ‘vampire’ and portrayed her as an anti-nationalist without confirming facts. The coverage added so much fuel to the fire that it compelled her from taking calls, thinking of the apprehending consequences.

After all the abuses she received, Rajawat still carried her sense of duty and commitment for the cause of helping the needy and this time she was supported by a senior advocate Indira Jaising who appeared in the case before the Supreme Court pro bono. It is so shocking to witness how far has humanity gone in stake or stain that even after the whole episode was narrated in front of the nation, the family was constantly threatened and hence the Supreme Court decided to transfer the trial to District and Sessions Court in Pathankot and ordering a day-to-day trial to be held in front of the camera.

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Despite the constant barrage of criticism, Rajawat decided to hit back. She expressed, I am a proud Hindu and a proud nationalist. I have no political aspirations. My motto is to be a roaring voice for the protection of the interests of the underprivileged…

I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve; I keep it inside me and try to apply it through my actions.”                And to conclude, the much awaited deserving justice for Asifa was brought by her. In June she was honored with the “Woman of the Year” award.

Time and again the cosmos served the proof of how women stood for each other and brought justice.  And hereby Deepika has enrooted the message firm and deep that women can form a shield for themselves against the evil society.

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