Dancer Harshita Dahiya

How and Why Dancer Harshita Dahiya was killed? Find out who took singer harshita dahiya’s life?

How and Why Dancer Harshita Dahiya was killed?

Dancer Harshita Dahiya
Singer and Dancer Harshita Dahiya was killed on Tuesday by some strangers when she was coming after her performance.

Dancer Harshita Dahiya was a 22-year-old woman; she was a Haryanvi singer and a dancer, who was from Narela, died on Tuesday. Harshita was coming after performing in Chamara village of Panipat (Haryana). She was shot by some strangers when he was returning home 4 PM.

Dancer Harshita Dahiya was raped by his brother-in-law and complained a file against him, who is now in jail. Harshita was also a witness of her mother’s murder case.

Harshita had an intuition about her murder. Before her assassination, She was live on Facebook and talks about the threat that she had been receiving for some time. She was receiving threat calls after her contention video that she had posted earlier. When she was returning for his performance in his i10 car, a black Ford Figo followed his car and stood in front of his car. Some strangers came out of their car and opened fire on six dancers, Harshita Dahiya Was shot only on.

Harshita’s body was sent for the examination of the dead body to the Panipat civil hospital.

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