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CBSE Board Re-exam of class 10 and 12 due to paper leak

CBSE Board Re-exam news: In a shocking turn of events, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to conduct a re-exam for the students of Class 10 and class 12. The decision has been made owing to the alleged paper leak. The re-exam will be of Mathematics for class 10 and Economics for class 12.

An inside view of the matter

cbse board re-exam

After coming out of the examinations, the students were left speechless when they came to know that the question paper for Economics has been leaked. It was rumored that the questions made rounds on the social platform hours before the conduct of the examination. Same happened with the Mathematics paper for class 10 boards.

The matter came into light when the board received complaints of a paper leak of Class XII Accountancy. However, after an investigation, CBSE board denied any such activities.

According to the students, a hand-written question paper of Economics was circulated on WhatsApp prior to the conduct of exam. The parents and the students are claiming a paper leak of class 10 Social Studies and class 10 Biology. They are planning to move to Supreme Court seeking a stricter investigation and a re-exam.

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Investigation till now

cbse board re-exam

Prime minister, Narendra Modi, being very upset, has ordered a strict probe into the matter. According to the CBSE board, the centers have been checked thoroughly and no evidence of paper leak has been found. The committee is trying to find the perpetrators. HRD Prakash Javedkar has assured of justice and arresting the culprits. He has assured of no such events in the further exam and that CBSE and the government will apply stricter methods to avoid any nuisance.

Meanwhile, CBSE has released a notice regarding a re-exam of class 10 Mathematics and class 12 Economics. It is still to know whether the exam will be for Delhi region or for the whole country.

It is hoped that the career of the students stays unharmed and justice is served as soon as possible.

CBSE board re-exam Reaction’s

cbse board re-exam

Cbse board re-exam news receiving mix reactions from both parents and students. Many parents believe it is an injustice to those children who worked really hard for their exams. While many believe that is is a fair decision as it will stop undeserving students to cheat.

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