Broadcast Wearable

Broadcast Wearable: The Future On Your Shoulders

Broadcast Wearable


Broadcast Wearable- The world is growing at an unprecedented pace. In the past 2 decades, we went from large handheld phones to touch screen smartphones capable of doing nearly everything imaginable. Modernization and adoption of technology is a must to live in the world today.

It is with this spirit that broadcast wearable came into existence.

Broadcast wearable, or famously known as Web-enabled T-shirts that are programmable, touch-enabled t-shirts. They can sync with your mobile phone and change designs and slogans according to your choice. In fact, users can change the design or slogan on their t-shirts by tapping on the logo!

Pretty cool! Right?

Broadcast Wear is the start-up behind this magic, or let’s be real, behind the science. It is run by a team of 20 talented Hyderabad based engineers. Broadcast Wear started off as an idle discussion between friends, and today has a line of existing and upcoming products.

How it works

Users will have to download the Broadcast app and then connect their phones to the T-shirt using Bluetooth. Then, whatever message or illustration they type will get transmitted onto the T-shirt.
Currently, the group manually creates everything and the plan is to mobilize funds for a manufacturing unit.

Broadcast Wearable

Each circuit takes at least a day to prepare. The shirts are from vendors in the city, but since the circuits are made by Broadcast, and the soldering process on the cloth is something that they developed, there are costs at every step. So the costs could be high.
Broadcast Wear has been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, in shorts, Clapway etc and slowly but steadily making its name in the market.
Of course, the technology is yet to touch upon its full potential, but the applications are tremendous.
Forget about buying expensive T-shirts just for their logos when the logo you want is just a tap away. Broadcast wearables are washable, stretchable and completely safe to wear and no compromise has been made on durability.
So gear up friends, wearable technology has now reached your clothes!



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