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Born in riches, Bhavya Shah gives up everything to become monk

Every other person in this world has a wish to enjoy the royalty, but be rich even if it is for just one day. Talking about kids, they don’t enough sense to realise the importance of money. But they do love to spend them. They love sports cars, expensive shoes, clothes and sunglasses. However, a 12-year-old boy, Bhavya Shah made us think that even money is not that important. Bhavya, who is the son of a diamond merchant in Surat gave up all the comforts and riches to adopt Jain monkhood.

Bhavya, who is one of the three children of  Surat-based diamond merchant Dipesh Shah took his Diksha from Acharya Rashminratnasuri in Surat on 19th of April. Four years ago, his elder sister Priyanshi had also renounced the world. The 12-year kid took the last ride on his favourite Ferrari on Wednesday. A grand procession was organised for the ceremony where Bhavya rode chariot designed similar to that of Bahubali.

What is Diksha? And Why Bhavya Shah is doing it?

Bhavya Shah expresses his happiness in choosing to walk on the path of truth as taught by his parents. He further said that he and his parents are happy with his decision. And he hopes that someday his parents will also choose the same path living the life of sins. The Diksha ceremony of Bhavya saw the attendance of over 300 Jain monks and hundreds of other community members in Surat.

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Bhavya Shah

According to Jain beliefs, Diksha is a method to renounce the world. Renouncing the world does not mean just to give up all possessions and riches. It also means to give up all passions and emotions which causes karma.

For a boy of such tender age, this is for sure a major step. Instead, his parents are content and happy that he has chosen to walk on the paths of God. This is not the first case of someone who has left everything to adopt Jain monkhood. Earlier, Varshil Shah, Gujarat board topper had also chosen this step. Varshil who had scored 99.9 percent in 12th boards, was content with his result yet chose the path of spirituality.

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