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Cartoons, they are expressive!

We always loved to watch cartoon in our childhood days. And some us still love watching it in our adulthood.

You want characters that can go crazy and full-out on their emotions without looking silly or not fitting, here’s the media for you.

The medium thrives through the test of time, a testament to how great an entertainment form it is.

Animation was built to be expressive since it was also built from the ground up to be exaggerated, fantasy even. The characters can show you their personality through design and expressions alone.

Amazing isn’t it?!                                                                 

This is why cartoons are my media of choice most of the time. For example, realism is likely to be lost in cartoons, as a result certain genres that most live-action shows would be flourishing in.

People watch cartoons because the experience sends their minds to this parallel world. In other words the person escapes from reality as long as he is watching a cartoon movie and as a result he feels good for a while.

And when it’s about cartoon movies we always crave to see them more of our favourite characters hitting the big screen.

Take off your nostalgia glasses, and get ready to be introduced to a whole new childhood worth sharing.

Here’s the list of ‘Best Cartoon Movies’.

Who doesn’t love ‘Tom and Jerry’? All of us.  Right?

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Snappily animated, ‘TOM AND JERRY: THE MOVIE’ never feels like an over-extended cartoon short!

 While their adventures may not be inspired, the storyline for Tom and Jerry’s feature-length film serves as a jaunty springboard for funny sight gags, buoyant songs, and irresistible messages about odd couple friendships.              

In ‘TOM AND JERRY’, the two leads are old friends, so we’re already willing to follow them anywhere. And although Robyn is rather ordinary in conception, the film also offers us the obsequious Dr. Applecheek, the mountainously mendacious Aunt Figg, and the deliciously scatter-brained Capt. Kiddie.

 Certainly the “Friends to the End” soft-shoe is a highlight and even reinforces the movie’s message.

The film’s core theme is that folks must respect each other’s differences and embrace their similarities.

Another plus is the variety of action-packed antics that draw a parallel between Tom and Jerry losing their home and Robyn being trapped in a loveless environment. All three characters learn that as long as you have friends, you have a sort of portable family you can take with you in times of trouble. Home isn’t just the place where you live; it’s finding a place where there are people you love. The film’s sunshiny ending restores family harmony for the girl and her new animal chums and reassures youngsters that Tom and Jerry can survive anything–even each other.

The music really shines in the opening and closing scenes where the characters aren’t talking and it’s just the music playing. Therefore it ought to be in our list of ‘Best Cartoon Movies’.

Tom and Jerry cartoon movie

An advice: Set aside what you think should be a Tom and Jerry movie! Just think like a kid and you’ll laugh like a kid!!

·Scooby-Doo! (Film series)

Zoinks! Who let the dog out?

The world has, apparently, been waiting for a live-action ‘Scooby-Doo’ film for good long years and finally the first of the series was released in 2002.

The films are more of a self-aware parody of the ‘Scooby-Doo’ franchise than a straight adaptation.

The young stars have the voices down perfectly and do the best they can to bring the characters to life, but that only emphasizes how sketchy and shallow the cartoon characterization really is. 

The stories are interesting with a nice twist that will actually make you laugh out loud!                            

So what about CGI Scoob?

Wow! All is I can say. I don’t know what makes it more. The quality of the CGI or the way in which all the actors really made me believe they were sharing the screen with a 6’5” intelligent dog!

Scooby himself is the movie’s trump card and chump card all in one!

The personality is captured perfectly and translates Scooby from the two-colour animation of my youth to a perfect rendition of how I envisaged him in my mind’s eye.

The Scooby franchise has got 5 movies under its belt.

Scooby do live action movie

So did you love it as much as you loved Scooby as a kid?

Chhota Bheem: Himalayan Adventure


‘Chhota Bheem’ is an exciting escapade for its young audience!

Then how we miss this out from our chart? We can’t.

To say that ‘ChhotaBheem’ is India’s most beloved cartoon character would be a massive understatement, if there ever was one. And now, he’s embarking on an adventure bigger than ever! ‘The Himalayan Adventure’!

In this edition, ‘Indumati’, the princess of ‘Dholakpur’, expresses a desire to play with snow and enjoy the adventurous winter games. So, the entire entourage travels to the kingdom of Manali in the Himalayas.

However, their vacation doesn’t go as planned when they are forced to make a slight detour. Here, they chance upon ‘Dhiru’, whose father teaches them how to ski.

But the fun is interrupted by ‘Hidimbak’, the dacoit and proficient skier, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Will Bheem and his friends be able to defeat him?

For your answer you need to watch the film!

 The writing is deliberately kept conventional and focuses completely on the deeds and misdeeds of Bheem and his gang. The best thing about the movie is that it is kept crisp. At 90 minutes, it never feels heavy. With a sketchy story at its core, its animation has a rich look.

Though it primarily caters to children, the latest ‘ChhotaBheem’ film promises to be fun for the whole family. From life lessons to slapstick comedy, there’s nothing that the film doesn’t have. The film will make you laugh, cry and leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

What’s better?

Chhota bheem animated movie pogo

If you enjoy animated films backed by a great story, don’t miss this one!

Crayon’s Sin-Chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!

Anybody here is unknown to the character? I don’t think so!

We all love our very own Sinchan!

‘Cactus Large Attack’ deals with how Sinchan and his family saved the Mexican people from the outrageous cactus! The storyline goes how Harry gets promotion in his job and is all set to move to Mexico with his family.

The promotion dealt with in-building a business venture with the Mexican Mayor for economical development of the company.

When they happen to reach the destination, unfortunately, the mayor backed off!

The business deal was related to the fruit of a rare cactus which was very dear to the mayor.

One fine day when the cactus festival was held in that village of Mexico, a mysterious incident took place, which baffled the residents.

It showcased how that rare cactus was gulping the people and none had the idea to stop it.

Finally Sinchan and his family finds out that the only way to destroy the cactus was to pour ample amount of water. In the end, they made it possible and everything fell into its place.

Overall, the story is not a cliché, and provided a new dimension to its plot.

•	Crayon’s Sin-Chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!

This is why it goes in the list of ‘Best Cartoon Movies’.

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar

All of us are pretty aware of this famous ‘Disney’ character!

‘The Return of Jafar’, is the first sequel to Disney’s ‘Aladdin’.

Te story sets around sometime after Aladdin defeated the evil sorcerer ‘Jafar’.

He is living with Jasmine in the Sultan’s palace in Agrabah, adjusting to his new life as an incredibly rich guy.

‘Genie’ returns from a long vacation throughout the world, and has come to stay for good. Somewhere in the distant desert meanwhile, the geniefied ‘Jafar’ and his pet ‘Iago’ dig themselves out of the sands where Genie buried them. ‘Iago’ abandons his master to start over, and soon finds himself in ‘Agrabah’ again.

Aladdin decides to take the former villain in after he saves him from some vengeful thieves. When ‘Jafar’ is freed from the lamp by ‘Abis Mal’, a foolish thief with a grudge against Aladdin, Jafar unfolds his plan to destroy his enemy and everyone he loves.

It is notable that as by the end of ‘The Return of Aladdin’, Jafar and Iago’s situation is restored to what it was at the beginning.

This story and the movie are not incompatible.

The film is certainly thrilling. Did you guys watch it?

The Return of Jafar

If you’ve, then you’ll surely agree with us that this movie deserve a position in our ‘Best Cartoon Movies’ list!

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