Amit bhadana

Amit Bhadana Success Story on Youtube

It is said that dreams don’t have a full stop. But dreams aren’t those which you see in your sleep. Dreams are those which don’t let you sleep. Only a true believer can follow his dreams and make it happen in the reality.Amit Bhadana is one of them dream catcher. He is today generation’s one of the most popular You Tubers of India. He has more than 15 million subscribers which seem to be increasing with days passing by.

Amit Bhadana’ s early life

Amit bhadana

Amit Bhadana is born in New Delhi. As a child, he used to make others laugh by cracking jokes. After his graduation, he started studying law. That was when he uploaded a video on Facebook. He received praises from his friends. Encouraged by his friends and the number of likes and comments on the video, he uploaded more Dubsmash videos. Later, he created a page on Facebook and started uploading videos on a regular basis.

He also started dubbing and got extravagant responses from the viewers. His dubbing on the war- based Bollywood movie Border earned him more than three million views.

Amit Bhadana’ s Uprising on YouTube

Appreciations from round world made Amit do something bigger. He started doing vines. Amit uploaded his first vine video on his Facebook. He made it stand out by using his Gujri language. The usage of this language made it authentic as well as rib-tickling funny. Even though, he was suggested by his relatives to concentrate on his law studies. But Amit did not forget his passion.

His YouTube channel earned around 206K subscribers in just three months. His videos are in Gujri language and most of them are based on the lives of girls and boys. He has outnumbered other comedians like Nazar Battu with his comic delivery and content of the videos.

We wish Amit Bhadana all the best for the future.

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