Aashif Sheikh

7 Interesting facts about Vibhuti Ji aka Aashif Sheikh which we bet you don’t know

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain is nowadays regular in Indian households. People not only watch the show but also follow the cast of the show who are playing their favorite characters. And why should not they? The cast has a versatility in them which makes them likable to everyone. And one of the favorite characters of the show is Aashif Sheikh aka Vibhuti Ji.

Today we present you few facts about Vibhuti Narayan Ji aka Aashif Sheikh we bet you did not know earlier:-
Aashif Sheikh

  1. Aashif Sheikh has a love for cricket. He has played cricket for 17-18 years. He has even played on a national level. Aashif wanted to be an athlete and loved to dive. But, due to some injury, he had to leave his dreams.Aashif Sheikh
  2. Talking about how he decided to act, Aashif is unsure how this happened. He had done hotel management and one day he decided that he doesn’t want to wash the dishes. He left and then joined the school of dramatics and theatre. There started his journey in acting.Aashif Sheikh
  3. Did you know that Aashif has been associated with Indian People’s Drama association for past 9 years which he regards as oxygen to him?Aashif Sheikh
  4. He made a debut with TV show Hum log in 1984. Aashif has performed in a number of Bollywood movies including Karan Arjun, Aujaar, Bandhan among more than 50+ movies. He has performed in negative as well as comic roles but is mostly known for his comic roles.Aashif Sheikh
  5. Aashif Sheikh was the first actor who was roped in for Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. He says that the story of Vibhuti Narayan has been written keeping him in mind. And then, other members were cast in the show.{Also read the success story of Popular Viner Amit Bhadana.}


    Aashif Sheikh

  6. Aashif prepares for his role several months prior to the shooting so that he can give a 100% performance. We can now get how his performance is so scintillating and absolute to perfection. An example is how his catchphrase from the movie Karan Arjun “What a joke” is still remembered.Aashif Sheikh

  7. Apart from being a wonderful actor, Aashif Sheikh is also a producer. Under his production, several good movies like Mai Meri Patni Aur Woh, Kismat, and Parjania has been released.

Aashif Sheikh Career Summary

Aashif Sheikh is one of the actors who has tasted success both on the silver screen as well as small screen. He is one of the few actors who has the capability to play both negative and positive roles with ease. We wish him all the luck for a bright career and a prosperous life ahead.

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