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25th Anniversary – The New Trend

From celebrating our private life like birthdays, marriages, friendships to that of corporate life like that of the longevity of the company or in the forum of educational sectors (e.g. alma-mater) – the “Silver Jubilee” aka 25th anniversary has registered itself in the top list of celebrations in this new era.

25th anniversary trend

25th Anniversary

If we dig deep into this matter, the 25th anniversary trend has been passing down from one generation to the next for quite some time. And with this growth of time, innovative ideas are emerging which is making the world go gaga over it.

Suppose if we take the example of our private lives (birthdays, marriage, etc.), innumerable ingenious concepts are slowly paving its way, galvanizing the people by turning this occasion into a glamorous red carpet. Many restaurants, hotels have come up with a hell lot of creative ideas to make this anniversary amusing and delightful. Even the gift corners around the city have managed to fantasize the hosts of such parties with lovely decor items and also the attending guests of the party with newly crafted personalized gifts.

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Why people celebrate 25th Anniversary in professional lives?

Now moving from our private lives, let’s take a look of how this 25th anniversary trend has created a buzz in our professional lives too. Apart from refurbishing your company’s spacious basement with balloons and champagnes, the corporate sectors have emerged with many prolific ways to celebrate the anniversary in a newer perspective. Nowadays, such anniversaries are rather transformed into a campaign and have become a style of promoting the company by rebranding it. From publicizing the event on social media platforms, inviting members from traditional media to endorsements done by celebrities, such events or anniversaries not only boost up the company’s growth but also create an awareness campaign amongst the mass.

And moreover, when the world is battling with pollution to preserve greenery, these corporate sectors are now focusing on ‘eco-friendly’ materials and injecting this motif into their brand which marks a revolutionary twist in the trend of these events of an anniversary.

If we take a close-up view of this trend, we can find some companies like ‘Starbucks’ who have embellished their logo from brown to green, emphasizing the objective of ‘eco-friendly’ product.

25th Anniversary

Silver Jubilee

It has been also discovered that companies are also celebrating the “Silver Jubilee” by launching various products which are known as ‘brand extension’ in corporate terms. They have even come up with catchy taglines marking the event even more worthy of rejoicing a victory.

So far, this 25th anniversary trend has managed to mark its territory in celebrations, celebrating the ‘long run’. Probably, in the near future, we can glance more of these innovative methods which will make the world visualize its perks.

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